She looks like she's thinking  it's fucking Monday I don't want to be here.


I've seen her around while cruising porn several times over the years. I knew her name but it excapes me at the moment. I think she's a hot and highly fuckable chick.


Harlow was reading an article that said they were making incest legal somewhere. She then asked her step brother if he wanted to try it. She said they didn't have to fuck so she started rubbing her pussy along his cock.


Sometimes I wonder what kind of boyfriends some of these beautiful porn chicks have. I can't imagine too many men would care to be with a chick that gets paid to fuck. That's a prostitute. However this prostitute does it on film for the world to see,

 I'd say it would be virtually impossible for them to get with a high status man. How about the CEO at a large company. Imagine the company Christmas party. Here comes the CEO with a porn whore. Probably not going to take place, This chick may have been able to snag a millionaire but now her chances are roughly zero.. Thats too bad.


With modern girls like Witney who love hooking up and friends with benefits. Prostitutes suffer a crushing blow to their bottom line profits. Nobody is going to pay for their services when they can get it for free with the greatest of ease.
 Now while the prostitutes may suffer financialy, most men are saving a bundle. Thank you modern day sluts. Your the best.

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