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Hello!!!  I'm a lifelong exhibitionist and BDSM 'restraints' lover with an insatiable hunger to experience more.  I'm a compulsive sex addict and I love ❤️ to satisfy my urges as much as I can!!!!  
I have a kink of escorting for a dollar a date which generates a bit of content 😉

 ➡️I post new content whenever I'm playing, sometimes daily if I'm lucky enough to have lots of dates lined up‼️ :-)⬅️

Check out several hundred of my pictures and posts here to see just a small sampling of my thousands of pictures and videos of me taking guys in my pussy, ass and mouth!!!  I hope you enjoy me 💋 

I've been on Twitter, xhamster, YouPorn, Motherless and literally hundreds more porn sites for 25+ years of making request porn for anyone and everyone, sharing it with the world 100% free

Got a request?  Let me know!!!!

~Kitty M 


I told one of my FedEx guys I was his Christmas present and to wrap me up and take me. He went to his truck and came back with a small roll of cellophane, so I let him!!!  I wish he wouldn't have run out of cellophane wrap before he took me!!!  I told him to be sure to let all of the other drivers that deliver to me know, bring plenty of cellophane when they cum and just use the phrase "FREE WRAPPING" if they want to play. Please follow me and repost my pics & vids!!!


Growing up in a suburban area there were always lots of other people around anytime you were doing anything. In our subdivision there was a dead end area with an old abandoned farm house and silos that hadn’t been developed yet. Any time I’d want to kind of get away from everyone I’d go out there to hang out. I wasn’t the only one that had that idea though, there were a few others that collected various lawn chairs and such to put in the silos and house to make them more hospitable. The place kind of became a stash house of everything we couldn’t keep at our own houses. Mainly there was lots of Playboy, Penthouse type magazines, cigarettes, occasionally some alcohol, and stuff like that. I mainly just went out there to get away from the busy ’burbs, but I did eventually find myself reading the Penthouse forum stories, and if there was anyone else there I’d read the stories aloud for them too.

Seeing the nude pictures of gals enjoying themselves and reading about the pleasures of sex did peak my curiosity. It wasn’t uncommon to be asking each other if we’d ever done anything like what they did in the magazines, but no one ‘really’ had.

J.T. was my regular reading partner, he lived nearest the dead end and always saw who was walking out there. Every time I walked by he’d end up out there soon after. One day we were hanging out at the old house reading and it got a little too rainy to head back. It was while we were waiting out the rain and reading that he asked me if I’d ever seen a “hard” penis in real life. I told him “no” and asked him if it really shot cum out like in the magazine stories. He said that it had been hard many times in his life, but until reading in a Penthouse last month about a guy jerking off on a girl’s pussy, he never knew to stroke the shaft fast by hand until his cum spurted out. He said he’s rubbed it till he came a few times since then and it gave him an amazing all over feeling as his cum was shooting out. He said it sure leaks a lot before the cum finally spurts out. I told him my pussy really gets wet and leaks too when I play with it and even more so when I orgasm, which I told him is probably like that same awesome feeling he gets as his cum spurts out of his penis. I had been reading the magazines for about a year and long ago learned about masturbating my clit and using brush handles and other things around the house as dildos so I kind of knew a little more than him. At almost the same time we asked each other if maybe we could see if just rubbing against each other would make us cum and be as enjoyable, because neither of us said we were ready for actually putting a penis inside of a pussy. So we decided to play and went upstairs to a room with a couch, and some other furniture that had been left behind.

Once up there we sat down on the couch and started to undress each other. Being a summer day there wasn’t much but a bikini top, cutoffs, and bikini bottoms to take off of me. With just a couple buttons and string pulls he had me completely naked so I started on him. I quickly took off his T-shirt and shorts, then slowly pulled down on his underwear until his already rock hard penis sprung out from the elastic waistband right at eye level to me. I could see that he was already a little wet at the tip of his penis and I couldn’t resist putting the end of it in my mouth and licking it a little! As I pulled my head back, I laid back on the couch and opened my legs up for him. I was so excited about all of this that I was almost embarrassed at how much my juices were flowing out of my pussy. As he moved in between my legs I could see him leaking out also as he stroked his hand up and down on his hard penis. I told him to go ahead and rub himself against me however it made him feel best, then showed him where my clit is so he could rub my wetness up onto it! I don’t think it was more than a minute and he was already telling me he was so excited by my naked body and feeling of my pussy that he couldn’t hold back any longer. After saying this he let out a pleasureful moan and started squirting cum all over my clit and pussy lips while continuing to rub his hard penis up and down my pussy. I told him to keep rubbing my clit so I could orgasm too and he told me he stays hard after cumming the first time so he would continue until I came too! As he rubbed his cock up and down my slit I pushed my clit hard against him with every stroke. His cum and my juices were all over in my lips and on my clit, it was so slippery I was just amazed! As I neared my orgasm I became so immersed in the feeling of a real penis getting me off that I became super relaxed and took in every second of it! It was then, in mid stroke that my relaxed body let the head of his penis all of a sudden pop into my pussy hole without any resistance! His eyes opened wide as he said “I didn’t do that!” I told him “I know, I was just so relaxed from it feeling so good that my pussy let it in!” For a few seconds we just laid there looking eye to eye probably both thinking ’what now?’ That’s when I asked him if he’d like to see how far it would go up inside of my pussy. I also told him to go slow because I’ve only ever put hair brush handles and small shampoo bottles in it. I was so wet with his cum and my juices that he very slowly slid in until I felt his pelvis was tight against my clit! I couldn’t believe I took his entire penis inside of me! We were both a bit surprised that I took all of it and how good it felt to both of us! I asked him if he could move it in and out of my pussy hole just a little bit so that his pelvis would rub my clit as he went in and out. As he started moving in and out it made my pussy feel almost as good as my clit so a asked him to pull it out just a bit more before pushing it back in. Before long I was making him pull all but the head out before pushing it back in!! It felt so good that I knew an orgasm was coming and I started begging him for his penis!!! He said my pussy felt so good he didn’t know if he could hold his cum back any longer and his cock was going to explode!!! It was so sexy hearing him call it a cock, and to know I was woman enough to take every inch of a real guy just like the women in the magazines! I couldn’t hold back any longer and told him to push his pelvis against my clit while burying his cock as deep as it could go into my pussy! As he did this he let out a loud moan, and I started to orgasm so intensely I was shaking!!! As I orgasmed I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me, hot, wet and hard, making me orgasm harder than ever before!!! It made my pussy tingle deep inside of me where the head of his cock pushed against me!!! It was then that I realized his throbbing cock was cumming in me and that’s what was making my pussy tingle!!! As he started to emerge from the ecstasy of cumming, he started to pull out of me while saying he came in me because he couldn’t stop it. Before he could get his cock out of me I grabbed a hold of his ass and pulled him into me as deep as I could while telling him “I know you came in me, I love how it feels and I’m going to make you cum in me again every chance I get!” We laid there coupled together until I could feel him loose a little bit of hardness, then he pulled his cock out and we watched a little of his cum leak out of my pussy.

After touching each other’s bodies and exploring our opposite sexes quite thoroughly over the next hour he was rock hard again. I asked him if he thought he could cum again and he said he was sure he could with the way my body looked and felt. I asked him if I could get on top like one of the stories I read, and he laid on his back with his cock sticking straight up. As I straddled his body and started to lower my pussy around his cock some more of his thick cum dropped out of my pussy onto his cock head. As he again slid all the way into my pussy, I loved the feel of his cock as I moved my hips around to put it against my G spot! He was rubbing my clit with one hand while tugging back and forth at my nipples with his other. I just knew that with all the added stimulation we would both be cumming very quickly this time!!! It wasn’t more than a couple of minutes later and I was collapsing forward onto him in an orgasmic trance. As I did this he rolled us over and furiously pumped his cock in and out of my pussy while saying “I’m going to fill your cunt with my cum again!” I really liked him calling it a cunt, just like a real mature woman! He kept going a little longer until finally embracing me tightly! I knew he was about to cum so I begged him repeatedly “cum in my cunt, I need to feel you cumming in my cunt again!!! With a loud moan he released the rest of his cum as deep into me as he could push, again making my cunt tingle with cum filled pleasure. Afterward we just laid there with his cock going softer inside me for a very long time before finally taking it out. As he pulled out, I put my legs together because I enjoyed feeling his cum inside of me and didn’t want to loose any. We then chatted about making this a regular meet up before regrettably putting on our clothes and going on our way. Needless to say, for a long time to cum I had lots of fun with him (and several other boys) that came out to the house at the dead end!!!


When I was a bit younger one of my friends got me into going to a nudist camp that was a couple hours away and it became a favorite vacation spot of mine.  We would always put a camera in our backpack and sneak off to the woods walk to take pictures 


Quite often I would have guys ask me to take a walk with them on the woods trail just to chat. Chat always ended up talking about sex, then it evolved into having sex out in the woods  :)  This got to be a regular thing with guys, so I often asked my friend to hide near the clearing and take pictures of me playing with guys.  

It was almost always older guys with permanent seasonal family rental spots. Here’s a couple pictures of a late 40’s married guy that came straight out and told me he heard I loved sex in the woods and that he would gladly pay anything to have sex with an eighteen year old. I told him cumming inside of my fertile, unprotected high school girl pussy was the only payment that I wanted.  I could tell by the look on his face this would make him pull out or use a rubber, haha!!!

The whole way back to the clearing his big cock stuck straight out like a flagpole, he was so excited I knew he wouldn’t last long.  I got down in the sand on all fours and looked over my shoulder,  telling him to take me from behind.  As I said that I noticed my photographer was in place.  He quickly shoved that big dick between my dripping lips and started pumping my pussy like a guy that hadn’t had sex in years. Within a couple minutes he pulled my hips back tight and buried his cock deep inside of my wet pussy as he moaned while his pulsing rod told me he was unloading a giant wad of cum into my body.  I couldn’t believe it, this idiot was actually cumming inside of me!!!  But knowing that he was cumming in me pushed me into an orgasm and made me grind against him even harder.  After he came in me he was still hard and begged me to let him cum again because his wife is a lame fuck that never puts out.  Never being tired of sex I told him to cum in me as many times as he wanted to.  With that, he started pounding away on my pussy again turning his first load into a frothy mess that was getting pushed even deeper into my uterus.  All the while thinking to myself I just knew there was no way I’d get out of this fuck without getting pregnant.  And right as I’m thinking that, BAM!  He starts grunting another load deep inside of me while shoving himself harder with every pulse of his cock.  After a few moments I could feel his cock soften a little and he pulled it out of me, leaving my pussy full of a foamy load of cum that would not leak out!!!  We then started walking back.

At about halfway back he was hard again and asked me if he could have my pussy again.  I let him slide into me again and he fucked me longer that time, allowing me to enjoy an orgasm too.  He didn’t cum much that time, but he still loved it.  As we walked the rest of the way back I joked with him that for being a married guy he was kind of stupid for cumming in an eighteen year old High School student that wasn’t using any birth control.  He said it was worth it and I said that I’d get a hold of him when the baby was due  ;)


I have to laugh every time I see these pictures of a forty-something, balding on top, married, father of two, dimpling his ass as he tries to shove loads of cum as deep as he can into me, a random 18 year old high school sex addict, trying to get me pregnant.  

Nov 2022

My collection of big dildos is fun, but not quite as enjoyable as orgasming to a real person pumping their fist in and out of my big wet pussy while I’m tied down and my tits are bound in ropes!!! And that doesn’t let them off the hook for cumming in me, Kitty still needs to feel that load tingling deep inside my ass as their cock throbs from pumping it into me!!!


Nov 2022

I saw someone using an anal hook a while back and thought I’d love to give that a try. So the next thing you know, I went shopping on Amazon and bought one!!!  I just love it!!!  Especially when my friends tie my ropes to it and my collar!!!   Never quit experimenting with new things, there’s always another exciting way to orgasm!!! 


ABOVE:  My anal dildos always look so tiny when they’re in my big dripping wet pussy :) 

BELOW:  ‘Hooked’ to one of my collars while wearing my blindfold hood that only has a mouth hole :)   

PS:  This hood is great if you’re into swapping & sharing and not knowing who is having sex with you, I love it at my FetLife parties where I've been known to 'service' 5 or so guys while wearing it!!!  Ok, so I've done a couple gang bangs, LoL!!!


Oct 2022

I’m slowly working my way up to being able to take my big pussy toys in both of my fun holes!!!  I can’t wait until I can easily handle this one going into my ass fully pumped up so I can move up to an even bigger one!!!



Sept 2022

I have a super long jelly dildo that feels great deep inside of my belly when it is slid up my well lubed, cock loving  ass!!!


When I spread my pussy wide, there’s no question that it’s an invitation for you to cum inside!!!  Some pictures from my high school days ;)


What’s going on with the forums here?  I haven’t been able to get the forums side of the site to load in at least the last week?


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