How everyday people sees her vs what she shows on the internet


I wonder how often the producers of these photo shoots and hardcore scene fuck the models/pornstars. They are the ones who control if they're going to get more gigs with that agency or not. ....cont.


If a chick brushes him off she has very little chance of ever getting a gig with any of his companies again. Unless she's a huge money maker and in order to get to the status of huge money maker she needed the gigs to get there.....


I'd say that it is very common maybe even expected in the porn industry. Think if you were :"The Man" at the studio and a girl like Cindy here comes in. You really want to fuck her, The only way that you're going to  go home and masturbate thinking about her is if you're a moron.....cont


If it's a hardcore scene, you're going to want to poke her before the peon male performer gets her. You can tell him to sit the fuck down and wait. After all you pretty much own him too. If not he can get the fuck out. No more gigs for him.....


I can't imagine any guy who wouldn't want a free romp on ol' Cindy here. If you have the power and influence in this seedy infustry to get her. I think you would....


The way I see it, you don't want to be te male pornstar. He's just the low level grunt who has to fuck in front of cameras and lights and doesn't get paid shit. The producer/director is the guy you want to be. He gets to fuck thes chicks first and in his private room. That's the goal to shoot for.

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