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The types of pics at the bottom are for fun, but they tell a certain truth. Where I used to be all about the Platinum Blondes with huge fake tits for decades thanks to Dolly Buster, Pam Anderson, Platinum Peaks and Wendy Whoppers, now it is all about cock and male ass!. And legs, god I love legs.

I do remember being extremely attracted to a T-girl Gizelle 'bout 20-25 years ago, but that sensation faded rather rapidly. Until around 2015, then it picked where it left my love for T-Girls. And slowly but certain I realised what I loved about their looks: their fabulous asses and legs. And below belt, well the legs and ass that I was so attracted to still have a lot of male features. So over time I came to realize, I came to prefere male legs and ass. And watching that much porn, a faciation with cock is just around the corner. I found them to be so much more interesing to look at, in any shape, soft or erect, or size than pussy. They are soooo facinating: they grow, become thicker, warmer, pulsating, throbbing and what not. And soon, I didn't care about those gorgeous T-girls not having large tits or tits at all, I needed to see cock, legs and a great ass. I so fully enjoy a skinny/flat frame right now. I even began to fancy crossdressers. From there on the only thing that bothered me about my changing sexual preference were faces, but the last year or two that is not an issue anymore. I so fully enjoy the beauty of men as a whole, god I love men......maybe groomed by porn, may be (I guess: yes).....but damn, I love the male body and the beauty of men in general so much, fit sculptured beauty, raw and sexy. People say you can't switch, you can't turn gay, but I do feel that I did. I can't think of anything else being sexier, than a clean, toned, wondershaped male body. And yeah, cock. I love 'em. In any shape, size, erect or not, they are so soooo fascinating and sexy, nothing compares.

Still a closet case, and I most likely will always be.....but I know what I like.....

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