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I am Paul and This is my Ex Neighbor Mrs. Teresa C. Now 66.  I didn't get along too well with Her (conservative, snooty bitch) and Her husband Steve, but always found her aattrative.  Well in 2015 she busted Steve Cheating!  Not knowing that, she got testy with me outside between our houses at the start of the summer of 2018 and after calling her out (bitchy/probably frigid), she threw out some responses which turned into dares, and 10 minutes later had her kneeling as I Fucked Teresa’s Mouth!!

Turned into a three month Dom/Sub fuck-the -neighbor’s-wife situation until I moved in September!  

I'm proud to have turned Teresa into a married cheating slut wife who loves getting throat and ass fucked!!

Paulndneighbor@outlook.com if you'd like to hear more!

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