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Candaulism is when a man derives sexual excitement from other men watching his own wife during sex or otherwise seeing her nude, especially in a sensual context.

The Jerk Circle began in the 1990's  as a private email group, or "ring" as we called them back then. It was an elite circle of couples engaged in "wife-pic-swap". My wife and I were one of these couples. I was one of the original founders of the group - me and a guy from Rhode Island. We found each other in an early chat room and after a few months the three of us had struck up adult conversation which lead to sharing our naked-wife photos with each other. 

To become a participating member of the early group, it was required of each candidate to share at least one full face and fully nude photo of his wife with the group. This was an act of commitment as much as a security: don't share other guys' photos, share only your own, or else we will "release" or "expose" your wife. We had to develop a few other requirements as time went on, becasue idiots... You know how there is always somebody eventually turns up and does something disruptive and then you have to make "a rule"? After a while, several years, the amateur upload sites finally caught up with human desire and braodband internet paved the way for smoother web site usage, so "The Jerk Circle" had outlived its purpose and we all went in somewhat different directions. we had close to 20 couples at the peak.

On this account I post women who were part of that melee. Mostly I am posting my own wife "Suzi Edmunds" by screen name. I also upload photos I have kept from those times. If you are interested in showing YOUR wife in my galleries, just email me and we can discuss.

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