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Welcome to my little hide away, 

I'm am currently 56yrs Young! 
I am a Caucasian male
Sexual Status: Bi-Sexual

I enjoy hooking up with couples ie: M/F this way ii'm able to have the best of both worlds  at once.

When with a Female - I enjoy sucking her clit a few times till she busts her load dripping it slowly into my mouth, then aferwords
flipping her over and start licking her "Wounderfu" Ass hole to completion, it doesn't stop there, I'm also into thing's such as
Light Bondage, & Fisting: Administering & Receivng by females.

When with a Male - I enjoy riding his cock to full completion, as well as issuing the occasional Deepthroating.  ;-)
Sorry I am a 100% "Bottom" and do not top other males. 

Photo's held within this site are of myself or taken from other Internet sites., I upload at random, "Special Requested Images" are available upon request however I do not take images with others ie; My Friends or Family members out of respect for their privacy however I do honor the privlege of others to feel free and record whatever they wish, whenever they wish, & as much as they wish. 

I generally respond to messages: Within 24hrs of receipt.

Best Regards
Jim Robins  

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