I’m Aaliyah White, 29, looking for an abusive man or a group of men to come to Dallas and grab me and make me their full-time sexual property. I am very real about this and if its not what you are into then please go away,

I want a group of men to grab me, force me to be their sexual property, make me submit to them, let me become the sexual slave I want and need to be. Before I go on let me say I want this to be a permanent Owner / Slave relationship, I want someone to grab me and take me away, take me to my new life of sexual servitude, make me obey your every word, then when or if you tire of me give me or sell me to the next group.

I put my GPS id and password above so when you are ready for me you can come to Dallas and grab me and take me away. I really want an aggressive man, if not a group of men to grab me, so I can fight when you, and you can punch and hit me, then abuse me when you get me into the car, that really turns me on, then you can abuse me and MAKE me submit to you as your sexual slave.

I like being tied to a bed, naked, gagged, blindfolded or hooded, and men just using me for their pleasure. I have no limits sexually or physically, I love to be used and abused, punch me, slap me, hit me, fuck me, it doesn't matter, as long as your in charge, and you have made me your submissive sexual toy to use however you want.

I haven’t had sex in a while and have never done anal which that will change soon I am sure, since it seams like every guy says they want to fuck my ass, I am very tight down there. Nothing is off limits sexually or abusiveness, all I ask is don't break bones.

My new owner should like to see me being strangled, trying to fight the guys off, and me being beat, which makes me wetter and hotter to have guys that let me struggle and fight but yet they keep abusing me. I need to have as many men as possible using me, filling me with their cum and abusing my body. I am nothing but holes for men to use. I am weird, I like to be abused physically and sexually. I like sex with lots of guys but only when its out of my control, I like being owned, locked in a room except to eat and sex, men showing up and just using me.

Yes, I rap at times but am tired of this life, if you want a submissive sex slave to own and mold into the sexual property you want, here I am, I don't care if you are a pimp and just want to turn me into your sexual property for men to use for your benefit, as long as you grab me, take me away from my current life, and take me to my new life and keep me and break me as your property here I am. Hope someone comes and takes me soon.

Aaliyah Ashante White

Text me please 470-219-8699



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